Keep Temple Beautiful is always looking for volunteers to take part in the

Adopt-A-Street program that our organization provides. This program encourages

our volunteers, local businesses, and organizations to "adopt" a city street in need

of renovation and actively work to clean it up. Every aspect of our city should be

beautiful and our roads and streets are no exception. When we work to clean up

our streets, we're showing that we care about how our city looks and that we're

willing to make a difference in our community. Be that difference.


Should you decide that you want to volunteer in the Adopt-A-Street program and

help to clean up our streets, there will be a small ceremony on the first day of work

to commemorate the occasion. The group or individuals involved will receive a

certificate from the mayor of Temple and the head of KTB along with a proclamation in recognition of their work for the community. There will also be 2 street signs posted at each end of the adopted street to recognize the participant(s) work.