Where Do I Go?

Many local businesses and City departments will take your unwanted items and recyclables. Check here for some of them. And let us know if we've missed some!

Best Buy
Regardless of where you bought it, what brand it is, or how old it is: Best Buy says "bring it to us." They'll make sure it's properly and safely recycled. It's all part of our consumer electronics recycling programs. And we'll take just about anything electronic, including TVs, DVD players, computer monitors, audio and video cables, cell phones, and more. Most things are recycled absolutely free, with a few restrictions. For more information, visit their 

Batteries Plus
Batteries Plus recycles batteries and many portable electronics. Recycling of batteries reduces waste in our landfills, stops harmful chemicals from contaminating soil and water, and preserves our environment by decreasing the need for new raw materials from the Earth. More details 

City of Temple Recycling Centers
And don't forget the City of Temple has 
two recycling centers:

  • Recycle Center #1 3015 Bullseye Lane, off of East Avenue H and Little Flock Road. Hours: 7 days/week, 24 hrs/day

  • Recycle Center #2 602 Jack Baskin Drive, northeast corner of Avenue H at South 31st Street, behind the Gober Party House. Hours: Friday - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Goodwill accepts many kinds of donations including electronics and computers. For more information on what can be donated and recycled visit their website.