Electronic Recycling

Love them or hate them, we all rely on electronics. Unfortunately we don’t always know how to safely dispose of them. Electronics don't belong in the garbage. Many contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury. That’s why every year, millions of people around the world take action. We recycle, plant trees, clean up our communities, and try to “live green” among other initiatives.

As for Keep Temple Beautiful, we hold not just one but two recycling events a year. The first is held in April, in accordance with Earth Day. The second event is in October to coincide with Household Hazardous Waste Day. As populations migrate to cities, the need to create sustainable communities is more important than ever and so is recycling…in any form. Be the change you want others to be - recycle!

ATTENTION! For Individuals interested in additional drop-off for computer or electronic devices, please

CLICK HERE for information about the Computer Crusher Recycling Company!