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Looking for community service hours for school or scouts? Have a few free hours on a Saturday? Whatever you can give, we can use. Many of the community projects that we get involved with are made successful by our volunteers. Whether it’s a neighborhood cleanup on Martin Luther King Day, or planting trees on Fifth Street, we can always use your help. Click here to Volunteer!


Education is an important part of what we do at KTB. If you are a PTO member or a teacher who is interested in teaching about litter, recycling, or the environment, we can provide you with materials and programs you can use. Contact us by phone or email to find out more about what we can offer.

Start a Cleanup Crew

It’s easy to make a difference at your place of business, your church, your school or in your neighborhood. Start a cleanup crew. Schedule regular cleanup dates. Keep your own corner of the world clean and make a real difference in the community. Tell us about your project!

Contribute Your Goods or Services

We’re always looking for people who are willing to contribute from their businesses. Examples include: landscaping or grounds-keeping services, food or drinks for volunteers during a cleanup, supplies for schools or donate to one of our projects. Contact us for more information.

Make a Donation

Become a KTB member, or simply make a donation toward one or all of our projects. Find out more by clicking here.

You've Found Pushbroom Man!

Secret Word Is - "KIDS"

Some of the ways KTB has contributed to the Community:

  • Three time winner of the Governor’s Community Achievement Award (GCAA) – $630,000 worth of landscape funding awarded to the City!    

  • Electronic Recycling

  • Household Hazardous Waste Day

  • Eco-Lunch ‘n Learn

  • Community-wide Cleanups

  • One Stop Drop-Off

  • Adopt A Trail, Adopt A Street

  • Project Redirectory Phone Book Recycling

  • Texas Recycles Day Program

  • Texas Trash Off Day

  • Texas Arbor Day Tree Planting

  • Redevelopment Grant & Incentive Program

  • Put It Here – Litter Program

  • Planting of trees along Central Avenue

  • Gazebo at Santa Fe Depot Park

  • Median beautification at 1st and 3rd Streets

  • Over $55,000 in grant funding to T.I.S.D. schools, community services, local non-profit organizations and businesses

  • WhistleStop Playground Tree Beautification Project

  • Planting of Trees along Adams Avenue

  • "No Butts About It” KTB’s Cigarette Litter Program  

  • Graffiti Removal Improvement Program (GRIP)… Get A GRIP!

  • Canyon Creek Landscape Project

  • 5th Street Landscape Project