Join Keep Temple Beautiful and lend your voice to a campaign. Help us work toward a sustainable future!

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Get In The Know!

Get In The Know Provides an opportunity for residents to be educated on numerous community-wide projects that affect their environment.  The campaign provides eco-friendly resources and knowledge to Central Texas through social media and TemTV Channel 10.  It is a way for individuals, churches, businesses, schools and organizations to “Get In The Know” in order to make their community a better place to live, work, play and visit allowing the public to actively take responsibility in their community.   

We believe that Keep Temple Beautiful is something much more than an organization. It is an

almost intangible ideal, a virtue, a personal commitment of choices and actions that preserve

natural beauty, protect the environment, prevent blight and improve public lands to make our

community a better, safer place to live.  Nowhere is that virtuous spirit more evident than in our

unparalleled programs that change attitudes and behaviors and our volunteers who emphatically

declare through their commitment of time and effort that they are KTB. Turning passion into action and action into movement, we are asking you to become a part of the – I AM KEEP TEMPLE BEAUTIFUL campaign.        

When a Keep Temple Beautiful volunteer says, “I am KTB”, they are a doer, understanding that a sense of community takes on new meaning when individuals have a shared, common purpose.

Community itself takes on new meaning when it becomes a place where constructive, lasting change occurs in the quality of all our lives.  So, in essence, we need you, your talents and your passion to continue our ongoing mission. 

Join us in our efforts and lend your voice to a campaign, helping us work toward a sustainable future. Businesses and individuals, are you KTB? Learn how you can become a part of this community campaign by contacting us!

I Am Keep Temple Beautiful