Texas Recycles Day

We live in a great state full of wonder and beauty, and it's important that we do our part to keep it this way. By not recycling or attempting to reduce our trash, our landfills will continue to grow until they're overrun with excess garbage that can be harmful to our environment. This is why Texas Recycles Day is so important.

Texas Recycles Day is a statewide campaign - which coincides with America Recycles Day - held on November 15th, which seeks to educate our fellow Texans on the importance of recycling and waste reduction and the environmental and economic benefits this has for our state. Did you know that the average Texan throws away about 6 and a half pounds of trash each day!? That's about 3,370 pounds of trash throw away by one person in Texas alone! Just think of how much that adds up to when considering every person in Texas.

The need to recycle is great and Keep Temple Beautiful encourages everyone to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. When we recycle, we are saving our environment from being destroyed and we’re helping to keep Texas a beautiful place that we can all call home.